Northern Saints Football Club Mission Statement

Purpose Statement

The Northern Saints Football Club is a thriving football and sporting community characterized by the endless pursuit of excellence both on and off the field, the encouragement of participation by players and members alike; valuing club spirit and pride and engendering the respect and loyalty of the local and wider community.

Guiding Principles

The Northern Saints Football Club believes in the following values and guiding principles irrespective of changes made from time to time to it’s goals and objectives.

Loyalty – To have an alliance and attachment to The Northern Saints Football Club and all its members and their families, and to be committed to the health and well being of the club.

Leadership - Provide leadership as a well-run sporting body and encourage and train members to take on leadership roles in the club.

Honesty and integrity – To conduct ourselves in a manner that is open, transparent, fair and forthright. To ensure the business of the club is free from corrupting influences and is grounded in truth and authenticity.

A fair go – To ensure all members and potential members have the opportunity to participate in the activities of the football club, be it on or off the field, without prejudice or discrimination and to encourage this involvement.

Place of belonging – To ensure The Northern Saints Football Club is a safe, generous and enriching community that welcomes its members and families and offers an opportunity to belong and participate in a valuable community organisation.

Home grown – To encourage and nurture the talent of The Northern Saints junior footballers and administrators and ensure the club is managed and represented by those who have an affiliation with the club and a deep respect and love for the club and the ‘jumper’.

Role Model in the community – To contribute to the community of Moreland and beyond, by creating and actively seek out ways of strengthening the community through community development practices

Club Constitution

Please find the Northern Saints club consitution attached below:


NSFC-constitution.doc NSFC-constitution.doc (109kB)