Life Members

To be eligible and considered for this prestigous award, 10 years of service must be given to the club,  200 plus games and or exemplary committed service to the club.

Northern Saints Football Club "Saints"

2019 - Christopher Sankovic & Brian Kays

2017 - Tiziana Kosmak

2015 - Dominic Vivona

2014 - Nick George & David George

2012 - David Rees

2011 - Steve Sankovic

2010 - Paul Bruno & Peter "Frosty" Smith 


Fawkner Park Football Club "Parkers"

Mick Caruso 

Mick Barrett   

Les Cohen 

Vicki Jessup 

Naz Gualano 

Mrs C. DeAmyand 

Fawkner Amateurs Football Club "Fawks"

D. Groves

P. Best

P. Nanscawen 

S. Ciavola

A. Henderson  

P. Higgins

R. McMahon

F. McMahon

M. Stapleton

K. Hoare

R. Hoare

K. Busst

G. Busst

K. Busst (SNR)

M. Tymms

S. Majerczak

W. Hoare

P. Kerslake

D. Cropley

Northern Coburg Saints Football Club "BOPS"

W. Doherty

J. Cannon

A. Smith

R. Dowling

P. Stevens

P. Bibo

G. Edwards

A. Turner

G. Nugent

J. Napoli

R. O’Donnell

G. English

M. Whittle

P. Lohner

P. McLaughlin

A. Davis

V. Barravecchio

I. Maher

L. Wilson

Mrs. R. Crooks

J. Crooks

C. Peasnell

Mrs. M. O’Donnell

P. Zmak

B. Crooks

D. Kennedy

C. Peloso

A. Knight

Moomba Park Football Club "Cats"

E. Phillips

C. Ellis

M. Dobbin

A. Evans

D. Joseph

A. McMillan

Mrs. A. Ellis

Mrs. W. Bridgman

Mrs. P. Stockdale

J. Bridgman

R. Stockdale

K. Burt